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2012 is upon us – welcome the Year of the Dragon!

This Month’s blog is a wee bit late as I have been managing a bad case of bronchitis. The illness was brought about by too many parties. I knew it was too much for me but I kept showing up anyway. There is just something about the darkest time of year that makes one long for bright lights, rich foods and human company.

It all began with a Solstice night revel that included a speech from a local Rabbi who declared that Solstice night was the night of Kabbala, the night of “receiving”. That in a mystical sense it was about taking in the gift of the light on the darkest Moon of the longest night of the year. Then there was a mad dash to exchange gifts, a Yule log ritual and a feast, dancing and then some Inca initiations (I was only able to stay awake for two out of four, I had to go to work the next day!)

Christmas night local Pagani gathered around a table to feast, in sight of a huge Christmas tree and a fire. New Years there was a lovely supper attended by local Witches in elegant garb. In-between I was working as usual and teaching. Then I went into complete collapse.

Thankfully the bronchitis is now almost out of my system, I just took a long walk in the moonlight, to enjoy the unusually warm weather. There is no snow at all here on the mountain, I have seen gnats and other winged critters hovering in the sunlight. The Canada geese are still hanging around; they have seen no reason to migrate. Maple trees are already dripping with sap; so far this is a very strange January.

This year is THE YEAR OF THE DRAGON. I am a dragon, as are most of my old schoolmates. Suddenly there is allot of interest in reunions, maybe because we are turning 60. It seems like an important milestone. Junior High, High School and college classmates are popping out of the woodwork.

Below you will find the usual collection of news items, ranging from archaeology, religion and anthropology news, to nature news, Druid news and updates on my books. May 2012 be less “eventful” than 2011. May we all find comfort, peace, prosperity and joy. I especially wish all the Dragons out there a stellar year. DRAGON’S RULE!

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A Brigit bennach ar sét – O Brighid, bless our road!

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