Sliding into the dark – July 2012

The July 2012 blog is posted a wee bit early for a reason. I am trying to qualify for a grant (see details below) and need 250 votes of confidence in my “small business” (teaching, writing and selling books from my online bookstore, etc.) I hope everyone will consider helping out with a vote.

Its been a weird summer so far. First we had record heat then a few days ago I came home to a carpet of hail stones all over the lawn. Tender leaved plants like comfrey took quite a beating, every leaf is now Swiss cheesed with tiny holes. It actually went down to the 40’s in my neck of the forest.

Its amazing to think that the light is already disappearing, now that Solstice is past.
Below you will find the usual collection of archaeology, nature, Druid and religion news.



  • Upcoming Radio Show!
    Sunday July 8
    I will be on, after the musical break, approximately 8:25-8:30.
  • A nice little review from Mike The Fool of Reformed Druids of North America;
    Mike wrote: “Finally got my copy of book 3 of Ellen Ellen Evert Hopman’s trilogy taking place in the 4th/5th century AD, during the time of the Druid/Christian transition. Only up to chapter 3, but her skill with words matches her folklore knowledge, simply loved this phrasing:
    “It was as simple as that. The world of my childhood melted away like the mist on a lake at sunrise.””Priestess of the Forest” and “Druid Isle” were great stand-alone novels too, and for an immersion, as-if-I-were-there, experience, I have enjoyed her series far more than the more racy, less scholarly, novels of Morgan Llywelyn. They would be in the required reading for any Druid course I teach. I especially like the dynamics of religious transition, societal tension and her emphasis on sticking in little customs, herb lore, festival tidbits, Irish terms, and archeological items. You often get the feeling that she has so much more lore to convey, but this is not a textbook, so she teasingly moves on to the story again. It’s entertaining with the right bit of education. She has plenty of guidebooks available to follow up with”.

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And now a favor….
I am applying for a grant. Just to be able to submit the application I need 250 votes by June 30. It won’t cost you anything and I hope you will consider helping!

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If I get the grant I can travel back to Europe to do more research and can offer scholarships and free classes on herbalism and Celtic spirituality.

thanks so much!

And now for this Moonth’s recap of the news….









I agree with him. However I am old enough to remember how we stopped Nixon from dropping an atomic bomb on Hanoi because we turned out by the hundreds of thousands (some say a million people showed up) to protest the inane war in Vietnam. There IS a place for marching, camping and protesting. But without political action OWS cannot become a powerful movement in this nation’s history.
Please take some time to stop and enjoy the fireflies, summer stars and sunsets. Life is short and the dark is already drawing nigh.
Summer blessings on all who read this!