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The Halloween madness is almost over here on the mountain and I can finally sit down to pen this blog. While most of the world was focused on doling out candy, my little band of Druids held a small ritual in the forest to honor the ancestors. Plates of food were left out for the Fairies and for our beloved dead, and libations of whiskey and offerings of cornmeal (for those of Native American ancestry) were made to the fire. Tears were shed for the recently passed over and thanks were given to grandparents and those even more distantly related, who struggled, loved and died so that we could be alive today.

When the rite was finished we noticed that our cloaks were covered with tiny green spiders, something I have never seen before. I told them it was a message from the Sidhe (Fairy) realm, letting us know that they were with us. And also that we were weaving something for the future.|

It has been unusually warm the last few days. I went outside to rake leaves a few days ago and thought I saw hail or snow on the ground which was impossible. A closer look revealed tiny curled up baby white caterpillars, Hickory Tussock Moths that have become a local problem. School children pick them up and some have violent allergic reactions.

Another odd thing – I teach a six month herbal intensive every year, October to April. One of the first things we do every year is make healing salves with comfrey, walnuts, horse chestnuts and other plants. The drop dead date for gathering fresh comfrey leaves has always been around October 15 because after that the frosts blacken the leaves. Today it is November 2 and the leaves are still green and fresh.

It appears that global warming is happening faster and faster….

A little personal news, I am thrilled to pieces that I finally got a wee mention in the New York Times (along with a number of other worthy Druids); and here. It is so nice that the Times chose to feature Druids this year at Halloween, instead of the usual Witches. May this be a sign of good things to come.

I signed up for Obamacare on the phone last week with no problems. Happily I will now have the same dental plan only with better benefits, for $20.00 a month less! I urge everyone to ignore the website for now and just call 1-800-318-2596. As with any new insurance plan it may take a few weeks for the paperwork to show up in your mailbox, but applying by phone is very easy.

Below you will find a round-up of the last Moonth’s archeology news, some nature news and Herbal postings, as well as a few political links of interest. Please enjoy!


The weekend of November 8-10, in CT. I will be speaking here;
Changing Times-Changing Worlds.
The metaphysical future started a while ago, why is it taking people so long to notice?


Some nice reviews of the first two novels just appeared on;

Priestess of the Forest
Ellen Evert Hopman’s novel: `Priestess’ of the Forest, which is Part 1 of a Trilogy, is such a valuable and learned novel. It describes the life of an early Irish Priestess and Healer born at the time of the rise of Christianity in Ireland: a Druidess called Ethne. Ethne’s progress and her spiritual path is movingly and very humanly presented. The reader can’t help but be drawn into the spiritual worldview of the Druids, its connections to the Earth and to the spirit realm. And I have to pay tribute to Ellen Hopman’s erudition about Irish Society. It is impressive, fascinating and invaluable, woven as it is throughout every strand of the book. But more than that, Ellen Hopman is herself a master herbalist and healer, and this sensibility breathes through every line of the novel. At the outset of the story, Eithne has brought to her for healing, a gravely wounded Irish warrior, Ruadh. Part of the healing is a moving chant: `In the name of Brighid; bone to bone, Flesh to Flesh, sinew to sinew, vein to vein,’ sung as she bathes his forehead and chest with cool water, and their love grows as the spread of Christianity begins remorselessly to replace the whole spiritual basis of ancient Druid path in Ireland.
— Michael Conneely

The Druid Isle
Ellen Evert Hopman’s novel: ‘The Druid Isle’ is Part 2 of a Trilogy which opened with her ‘Priestess of the Forest’. It is a fascinating and wisdom-provoking study of the lives of two young people living when Christianity and the Roman Empire are conquering the North of Britain. They grow up apart in two utterly different cultures, but are destined to meet. Aife is the adopted daughter of Ethne, the heroine of Part 1; she grows up in the wisdom and healing serenity and spiritual connection of the Druid Forest School. Lucius, by contrast, grows up in the flesh-denying inauthenticity of a new Christian monastic school. However Lucius finds by chance – or by destiny – the ritualistic beauty and reverence for life, of the ‘Festival of Summer’ of the local pagan people – only for this to be shattered by the Roman slavers, but he ends up finding his destiny and the truth of his birth, on the Druid Isle. Lucius is prepared for the dangerous journey by sea to the Druid Isle by the mystery, peace and joy of a ritual in the fogo of the Mamm an Byss. There, in the most supremely beautiful passage in the book, Lucius is granted a vision of the Sky and Water Mother who has protected him since the day he was born which connects him to his essence and prepares him as the preserver of the Druid wisdom.
— Michael Conneely

***Reminder*** You can purchase books and DVDs from this site and get a signed copy with a personal note. Yule is coming!













All blessings of the snug dark on those who read this.

***Reminder*** You can purchase books and DVDs from this site and get a signed copy with a personal note. Yule is coming!