March Blog 2017 – Record warmth in the middle of winter

It has been oddly warm up here on the mountain. Last Saturday there was a confirmed tornado less than an hour away from me, a never before seen event in February here in Massachusetts. This week we are supposed to careen between record warmth and cold (but not cold enough to snow or have a hard freeze). It hardly feels like New England any more.

As many of you know there was recently a call to do a magical working to stop Trump.   As I saw it, this was a spell to protect the people and the Earth from the ravages of his climate change denying and pro-billionaire (not the common folk) administration.

I am not a Biblical scholar. But the night before I kept getting the message to look at Revelation 20. I didn’t know where that came from and I had no idea what it was about so I looked it up. It was eerily appropriate;

“The Thousand Years 

20 And I saw an angel coming down out of heaven, having the key to the Abyss and holding in his hand a great chain. 2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3 He threw him into the Abyss, and locked and sealed it over him, to keep him from deceiving the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After that, he must be set free for a short time.”

The spell as it was written called on “demons” but I didn’t call any “demons” because I don’t know what those are, really, and I have no relationship with them whatsoever. And when I called on the ancestors Jefferson, Adams, and Washington showed up which was a surprise. They were, after all, the ones who penned freedom of religion, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly into the Constitution, rights which are currently under threat. When it was done I sent the cleared, clean energy to every corner of the USA, adding in a Sanskrit mantra of peace for good measure.

This past Yule a Druid friend sent me a painting he did of the Morrígan, the ancient Celtic “Great Queen” and battle Goddess. She is depicted in a flowing red dress, holding two spears, and accompanied by three crows (or ravens). The odd thing is I had a dead crow in my driveway this winter, a large beautiful, impossibly black bird over a foot in length from beak to tail. I buried it with reverence near my front door.  Ever since I have been privileged to host three huge black crows (or ravens?) at my bird feeder every day.

Is this a coincidence? Or am I being “chosen” by the Morrígan in my later years? I have been a devotee of Brighid, the Patroness of Druids and Bards and Goddess of Poetry, Smithcraft and Healing, for the past thirty years. I admit that I spend a lot of time every day worrying about Trump and thinking of ways to get the word out, to protect the nation, the Earth and her creatures. Perhaps I am destined for a rather feisty old age.

Below you will find the usual collection of archeology, herb, climate and nature news, and of course politics and ethics. And a few announcements about my books and workshops. Please enjoy the read!

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April blog 2015 Spring has Sprung and it is still snowing!

Incredibly it is still snowing on March 30 as I type this. Here in New England we are adjusting to living in the arctic, while in the west, Alaska to California, the lack of snow and rain means a continuing heat wave and drought. It feels as if the Earth has tilted on its axis.

I have stopped putting out suet and bird seed, as I normally do this time of year, to discourage bears. Ravens and crows have been frequenting the pile of seed that has accumulated under the feeders, thrown out by rapacious squirrels. Woodpeckers have been seen scratching the ground for seed too, they must be very hungry due to a lack of insects in the continuing cold. Possum tracks have re-appeared in the snow under my kitchen window where I throw out compost like egg shells, rotting fruit and vegetable parings.

I have reached an age where I have started wondering if I have reached the end of my creative projects. Last year at some point I thought I might be done with writing, but no, the Gods had other plans. Amazingly there are now TWO new books in the offing; THE SECRET MEDICINES OF YOUR GARDEN will be out in Spring 2016 from Inner Traditions Bear & Co., and another book  A LEGACY OF DRUIDS will be out from Moon Books later this year.

I was sitting on a collection of interviews and conversations I had done with Druids in the US, Canada and Britain, some twenty years ago. For some reason I got a sudden inspiration to trot out those old interviews that never got published. Some of the persons I interviewed have since crossed the veil; Isaac Bonewits, Olivia Robertson, Tim Sebastian, and possibly others. In any case, I hope this book will be a contribution to Druid history. Philip Carr Gomm is writing the foreword for which I am deeply honored.

Some places where I will be teaching, in Pennsylvania, California and Massachusetts:

    May 29, 2015 at 3:30pm to May 31, 2015 at 4:00pm
    119 Cherry Ct Matamoras PA 18336
    Weekend Workshop Hosted by Ellen Evert Hopman
    A Friday night slide show of some common North American trees illustrating their medicinal and magical properties. On Saturday morning we learn about the Irish “Tree alphabet” and then go outside to perform a traditional Druid tree meditation and learn to listen to the trees. Saturday afternoon we learn more about the “Tree Alphabet” and then gather tree medicines such as leaves, pine needles, flowers, barks, etc. Sunday we prepare medicines from the ingredients we have gathered. Each student will leave with a hand-made set of Ogham divination cards, based on the ancient Irish Ogham “Tree Alphabet”. Please bring a notebook and pen, and wear comfortable shoes and outdoor clothes as you will be outside part of the weekend.Weekend Fee $125 which includes class, lunches, and supplies.Please send fee to Marjorie Forbes Spadoni 119 Cherry Ct Matamoras PA 18336
    If you need to stay over locally we have a Best Western 5 minutes away. Call 484-347-7489 for more info
    September 5-6, 2015
    119 Cherry Ct, Matamoras PA 18336
    Advanced case taking and formula making class with Ellen Evert Hopman, Herbalist AHG . Learn Basic Five Element Theory; seasons, flavors, taste, voice tone, emotions. Learn the basics of Facial Diagnosis; lines, colors, moles, blemishes and learn an advanced formula making technique to design individually crafted remedies for individuals. In-between we will walk outside and meet some of the plants and trees in the garden and make some remedies to take home. Weekend Fee $125 which includes class, lunches, and supplies.Please send fee to Marjorie Forbes Spadoni 119 Cherry Ct, Matamoras PA 18336. If you need to stay over locally we have a Best Western 5 away. Call 484-347-7489 for more info.
    September 25-26-27, Philo, California (near Mendocino)
    Advanced case taking and formula making class with Ellen Evert Hopman, Herbalist AHG. A Friday night lecture on the Doctrine of Signatures. On Saturday and Sunday you will learn basic Chinese Five Element Theory; seasons, flavors, taste, voice tone, emotions and the fundamentals of Facial Diagnosis; lines, colors, moles, blemishes. You will also learn an advanced formula making technique to design individually crafted remedies for individuals. In-between we will walk outside and meet some of the plants and trees in the garden.The Philo School of Herbal Energetics website has information on directions & lodging. $150 for the weekend; register here. Lodging: They do not offer lodging. Please go to the Anderson Valley Chamber of Commerce page for available lodging.
    October 17, 2015 – April, 2016
    Two Saturdays a month, 1-5 PM near Amherst, MA
    The Western Massachusetts School of Herbal Studies
    Intro to Herbalism and Self Care With Ellen Evert Hopman M.Ed. ~ Registered Herbalist AHG author of “Scottish Herbs and Fairy Lore“, “A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year”, “A Druids Herbal – Of Sacred Tree Medicine” and other books and DVDs. Covers Western herbal Materia Medica, formula making, case taking, Chinese Five Element Theory, Homeopathic First Aid, Flower Essence Counseling, plant identification, ethno botany, an herb walk outdoors and hands on herbal techniques such as poultices, tinctures, salves. Over 550 pages of handouts are included with the course. A certificate of completion is offered at the end.
    Cost: $1,000.00 (plus a $100.00 non-refundable Xeroxing fee)

More news:
I had a few small articles in the new issue of Aontacht/ Druidic Dawn

Here is a wonderful volunteer opportunity for college students or others who would like to help build housing on a Sioux reservation this summer;

Below you will find the usual assortment of gleanings from the media and *you can order my books from this website and from the other usual places*  Enjoy!







  • You need to be careful when baking bannocks because the fairy folk may come into your house if you do not put a hole in the last cake, or break a piece off of it, of put a live coal on its top. If you don’t do these things, the fairy folk will sing the following:
    Little cake
    Without gap or fissure,
    Rise and let us in!
    …and they will be in!
    (Ronald Black (ed.), The Gaelic Otherworld, 2005, p. 10)