A Druid’s Web Log – Spring has Bloomed!

mooseLast fall there were a pair of Moose cavorting in the yard next door and last week a mother Moose and calf strolled through the woods in front of the house. I wonder if it was the same female Moose? In other news, the daffodils are blooming as best they can and the crocuses are almost spent, one week we will have record warm weather and the next week snow.

I have noticed a disturbing trend on line, in the spiritual groups I belong to. Most people are trying hard to stay cheerful and speak peace in these tumultuous times. But there is a minority who have raised their voices to express hatred of specific peoples and religions, inspired no doubt by the odious Donald Trump. A few days ago I was at a gathering where an Arab mother sang a song in Arabic for all the people who are refugees and living in camps at this time. It was very moving. She said “The last time they went after the Jews and put them in concentration camps. This time it will be the Muslims”. I wonder how often Americans think about this.

I do what I can to keep a more tolerant perspective on these social media lists; by posting articles such as these: 70,000 Muslim clerics issue a fatwa against terrorism  and Muslim scholars are countering ISIL.

Meanwhile in Northern Ireland the marching season is almost here and all eyes are on Armagh to see if peace will hold there. All summer leave for the Garda (police) has been cancelled.

Hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising.

We live in interesting times don’t we?

Below is the usual archeology, nature, politics, religion, ethics and book news. Tend your gardens with care and have a lovely Spring!

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A joyful and happy Spring to all who read this.

November blog 2015 Honoring the Ancestors and Creeping off to Yet Another War

I just finished celebrating a very quiet three day Halloween here on the mountain. In ancient times Samonios (later called Samhain or Samhuinn) was a three day festival according to the Gallo-Roman Coligny Calendar . There is an entry “TRINOX[tion] SAMO[nii] SINDIV” (three-nights of Samonios today) which implies that Halloween was observed for three days and nights. We moderns have preserved that to some extent with All Saints Day and All Souls Day and of course, our day to celebrate ghoulies and ghosties and trick or treating.

My own observance consisted of placing offerings for the Fairies on the altar in the garden; whole grain toast and honey, milk and honey, and apple crisp, on each of the three nights. I took a few moments with my students on October 31 to share stories of our ancestors and those we had lost in the past year. We munched small offerings of pomegranate seeds and chocolate in their memory.

It is a somber time. It feels like the US is slouching into yet another war, and this time its boots on the ground in Syria. In my own life a company I have worked for, for almost a decade, has decided to move to Texas where they can pay lower wages and offer fewer benefits. A hundred locals are being laid off as a result, which does not seem to factor into anyone’s calculations. We workers are expendable and only profit margins have any real meaning.

But life will go on, as it always does. Below you will find the usual assortment of news from the archaeology front, nature news, herb, news, religion, ethics and politics, and if you are reading this I wish you a very happy and prosperous Celtic New Year. May your fires be bright and your hearth warm!


  • A recent podcast that covers Druids, Herbalism and many other topics;
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  • Nimue Brown of Moon Books writes; “Recently I have learned from the Society of Authors that if you get 50 book reviews on Amazon, then Amazon might start paying more attention to your book. I also learned, that ratings on Goodreads can lead to being listed in the Goodreads Choice Awards. We’re talking in the thousands here, by the looks of it. Not easily done, but worth knowing all the same. In terms of increasing visibility, reviews clearly have a lot of influence.”If anyone here has read my books would you please pen a short review on Goodreads or Amazon? Blessings in advance! (smile)

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