Gifts from the Healing Earth, Volume 1

Ellen Hopman leads us on a magical walk through a New England forest   in spring, gathering ingredients. We are then treated to a delightful   demonstration of herbal preparation techniques in Ms. Hopman's kitchen.   The program ends with a fascinating interview in which she retraces her   extraordinary journey to herbalism.

Recipes discussed include: Herbal Salve, Birch Beer, Heart Wine,   Lavendar Wine, Dandelion Salad, Arabic Gum Powder, Vegetable Tonic,   Comfrey Poultice, and Cedar Smudgestick.

Gifts From the Healing Earth, Volume 1 (opening) from Ernest Urvater on Vimeo.

Gifts From the Healing Earth – Vol. I . Hands-on herbalism explained in easy step by step instructions for making kitchen medicines

Length: 70 minutes, ISBN = 1-930477-06-6 (English version), ISBN = 1-930477-07-4 (Spanish version)

Price: $20.00

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