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The Western Massachusetts School of Herbal Studies

Take part in a yearly six month Herbal intensive with author and Herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman (Professional member of the American Herbalists Guild). The course meets two Saturdays a month, October to April, near Amherst, MA., and covers Western herbal Materia Medica, formula making, case taking, Chinese Five Element Theory, Homeopathic First Aid, Flower Essence Counseling, plant identification, ethno botany, an herb walk outdoors and hands on herbal techniques such as poultices, tinctures, salves, and more. Over 550 pages of handouts are included with the course. A certificate of completion is offered at the end.

Cost: $1,000.00 (plus a $100.00 non-refundable Xeroxing fee)

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Tribe of the Oak

Learn to be a Druid at Tribe of the Oak

Welcome to the online home of the Tribe of the Oak Druid Grove. The Tribe of Oak Grove is a Celtic Reconstructionist Druid Grove that seeks to preserve and pass on the traditional ways of the ancient Celts.

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