Walking The World in Wonder: A Children’s Herbal

Healing Arts Press, Rochester, Vermont
"Walking the World in Wonder is simply magnificent."
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Introduce children to the magic of using herbs for healing, cooking, and nature crafts and inspire a lifelong interest in the natural world. Designed especially for children of ALL ages! A hands-on book for children, filled with fun, easy-to-follow activities. Includes 72 color photographs of herbs by award-winning photographer and herbalist Steven Foster. Created especially for children ages five to ten years old, Walking the World in Wonder covers the medicinal and magical uses of 72 common herbs.

Each herb playfully introduces itself and talks about its habitat and many uses. With fun, easy-to-follow activities, herbalist Ellen Evert Hopman teaches children basic herbal skills and invites them to draw with pokeberry ink, sew a lavender sachet, and dig for Jerusalem artichoke roots. The book also includes simple recipes that children can use, with adult supervision, to treat minor ailments--peppermint tea to soothe a troubled tummy or horse chestnut salve to heal a scraped knee.

Children gain a sense of self-sufficiency and awe for the earth's treasures by sprinkling a sandwich with nasturtium flowers, making strawberry honey, and learning to season food with dill they've gathered themselves. Seventy-two full-color photographs by herbalist Steven Foster enable children, parents, and teachers to identify these herbs during walks and field trips. Walking the World in Wonder gives children a direct and joyous experience of their connection to the natural world and inspires a lifelong interest in their own health and that of the planet.


Price: $19.95

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