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A Druid’s Web Log – August 2018 – giving thanks for the harvest while saving the trees

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 The end of July and the start of August mark the ancient Celtic festival called Lughnasad or Lammas (from the Anglo-Saxon “loaf mass”, when in former times people brought a loaf of bread made from the new grain to be blessed at their parish church). It is a time to give thanks to the soil, the rains, the plants, and all the unseen forces that bring our harvest into fruition. And let’s not forget the farmers and laborers whose sweat and toil make it all happen.

We moderns need to make the effort to see the divine in all things; in an ear of wheat, in a tree bearing fruit, in a stream of clear water, in a humble bee. We can no longer afford to take any of this for granted. In my area we are struggling to protect our forests, in an ironic battle between those who want to put up massive fifty acre solar farms by clearcutting trees, and those who want to keep the landscape whole and healthy for animals, birds and humans.

The state of Massachusetts has decided to promote solar power but has not yet put laws in place to direct where these industrial sized arrays should be erected. As a result local land barons have decided they can make more profit by clear cutting trees and putting up solar panels, than they can by logging. It’s a terrible conundrum for those of us who want clean, safe, non-fossil fuels. We also want clean air, clean water, and the cooling that trees bring in a time of global climate catastrophe. Wild birds and animals, especially in the crowded northeast, have fewer and fewer places to thrive. So far small towns have been powerless to stop the onslaught of clear cutting.

There are so many ways that solar panels can be sited constructively; shopping mall and supermarket parking lots are a logical place to put them – people can fuel their electric cars while they shop and the panels provide shade and shelter from rain, hot sun and snow. Old landfills would be an ideal location as would median strips on highways, municipal building rooftops, school rooftops. There could be a requirement that all new buildings have solar panels on the roof.

We have to be very creative and thoughtful about how we site these kinds of massive arrays. Clearcutting forests is a shortsighted and stupid way to approach this. Stay tuned for further updates as my little town stands up to the local land magnates.


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Speaking of trees, here is a film that I highly recommend. In my area it gets shown about once a month now as a special treat and every show sells out. If you want to learn about the importance of trees to your own local landscape this film will show you. Look it up and see where its playing in your area!

Call of the Forest – Official Trailer

I urge everyone to look for this film – I just saw it in my area and folks have even said they bought it. It covers trees, Druids, Ogham, and forests. A must see.

And an article about why forest fires are getting worse in the west

*And continuing on the subject of trees – I have two books out where you can learn the medicinal and edible properties of trees*

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