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A Druid’s Web Log – Easter, bunnies and the Goddess April 2019

Mud season is in full force here on the mountain. The car has worn deep grooves into the soggy dirt of the driveway and there are still snow piles in shady areas of the damp woods. Squirrels are scouring the now empty bird feeders for any last scrap of seed. I have had  to stop stocking the feeders because hungry bears are on the prowl looking for a post hibernation feast.

I used to have mobs of squirrels but last fall there were almost no acorns and the chipmunks, mice and squirrels seem to have died off. That plus on a recent morning I happened to look out the window as a huge red tailed hawk dropped on top of a squirrel and instantly killed it. My favorite squirrel, the lone black one, is long gone. I fear for the local cats.

Other signs of spring are happening; the first crocuses are bravely poking their heads out from under the cold leaf litter. I recently felt an uncontrollable urge to purge my closets of un-wanted and un-needed clothing, to give to the local food pantry. I can now sit outside in the sun and eat “al fresco” in that blessed interval when the sun is warm and the black flies and mosquitos have yet to appear. The first batch of clothing got hung on the line outside this week, a sure sign of a shifting season.

Pagans have already celebrated Ostara (Spring Equinox), the festival named after the Germanic Goddess whose name gave us words such as “Easter” and “estrogen”. Read more about her here.

Christians have yet to celebrate Easter, which incorporates Ostara’s bunnies. This year it falls on April 22.


  • “The Sacred Herbs of Samhain” is finished and will be released in August (Inner Traditions/Destiny Books). I just finished the sequel; “The Sacred Herbs of Beltaine” and handed it in. Hopefully that will appear in 2020. And I have already started on the next book in the series – “The Sacred Herbs of Yule and Christmas”.

Festival season is just beginning and folks are already starting to think about summer gatherings. Spring blessings on Pagans and Christians alike as you read this blog!


  • May 17/18/19
    The Awareness Shop
    180 Main St. New Paltz NY
    12561 exit 18 off I-87
    845 255 5756   cell 845 598 8444
    Ellen Evert Hopman comes to visit The Awareness Shop in May 2019

    • Ancient British Sacred Sites Friday, May 17, 2019 6 PM – 9 PM
      The Awareness Shop – 180 Main St. New Paltz NY
      A slide show and talk covering the South Eastern portion of Scotland with its carved Pictish stones, the major English monuments such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, some Arthurian sites such as Tintagel, Glastonbury (Avalon), and Camelot, and the mysterious and wonderful Cornish sacred sites of the Michael/Mary Brighid/Lugh ley line. The talk lasts about two hours and is followed by a book signing. $30 per person. $10 Non Refundable Deposit is required as class size is limited.
    • Celtic Tree Medicine and Lore Saturday, May 18, 2019 11am-5pm
      The Awareness Shop – 180 Main St. New Paltz NY
      Tree Divination Using the Ancient Celtic Ogham Alphabet
      The Irish Ogham tree alphabet pre-dates the Latin alphabet. Instead of letters like A-B-C-D the alphabet uses tree names like Birch, Rowan, Elder, Oak, etc. Each letter of the alphabet is couched in symbolism and lore. Ellen Evert Hopman is the author of A DRUID’S HERBAL OF SACRED TREE MEDICINE, TREE MEDICINE TREE MAGIC and other volumes that explore ancient Celtic tree lore and tree herbalism.
      In this workshop you will learn a Druid tree meditation with live trees, the basics of the Ogham letters and the spiritual, medicinal and cultural lore around them, make a small divination deck, and practice using the trees to do readings for yourself and others. The class involves work outside in nature so wear good shoes and be prepared for the weather.  $125 for the day – $25 Non Refundable Deposit required  – class space is limited.  Full day workshop 11am—5pm bag lunch included for those with no dietary restrictions.
    • The Nine Principles of Celtic Spirituality  Sunday, May 19, 2019 11am-1pm
      The Awareness Shop – 180 Main St. New Paltz NY
      What are the basic principles of Celtic Spirituality? How do these principles apply to Celtic Christianity and Celtic Paganism? How is Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism different from more modern paths such as Wicca? In this class we will examine evidence from the historical Celts and their traditional practices, poetry, Celtic triads and aphorisms, and Brehon Law. $50 per person, $10 Non Refundable Deposit to hold your space.
    • Cosmology of the Ancient Celts Sunday, May 19, 2019 2-4pm
      The Awareness Shop – 180 Main St. New Paltz NY
      Two Seasons, Three Worlds, Four Treasures, Five Directions: The Pillars of Druidism. $50 per person. $10 Non Refundable Deposit to reserve your space. 845-255-5756.
      An exploration of the basic Cosmology of the ancient Celts and the most important symbols of Celtic and Druidic sacred mythology and religion. Learn why Celtic tales included recurring symbols such as magical swords, chalices, stones, water and fire. Discover the religion that was practiced by King Arthur and the Celts before the Christian missionaries arrived.
  • To register for any or all of these amazing gatherings at The Awareness Shop – 180 Main St. New Paltz NY please call 845 255 5756 –  be prepared to leave a non-refundable deposit and your contact details.
  • August 22-25, Camp Cedarcrest , Orange CT
    Harvest Gathering
    Event page on Facebook
    Camp Cedarcrest
    886 Mapledale Rd, Orange, Connecticut 06477
    Get tickets here
    Ellen will speak on the following topics;

    • Intro to the Druid Spiritual Path
    • The Pillars of Druidism
    • Communicating with Trees
  • Study Herbalism with Ellen Evert Hopman, Herbalist AHG
    A Six Month Intensive in Western Mass
    October 13 – April 2019
    Intro to Herbalism and Self Care
    Two Saturdays a month, 1-5 PM near Amherst, MA
    Western Materia Medica, Chinese 5 Element Theory,
    Flower Essence Counseling, Formula making, Hands on Herbalism,
    Ethnobotany, Herb walks, Homeopathic First Aid, Live case taking and more.

Below please find the usual Archaeology, Nature, Herb, Health, Celtic, Religious and Ethics news. *Remember that you can order signed books from this page. Enjoy!*











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