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A Druid’s Web Log September 2017 Living together in an inter-dependent world

Mycorrrhizal Fungi

Photo from Garden Culture Magazine

This Moonth I went to the New England Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) annual meeting at Hampshire College, in Massachusetts. I always try to attend the Friday night lecture because it never fails to inspire me. This time the speaker was Michael Phillips, acclaimed author of “Mycorrhizal Planet” and other volumes. He spoke about root synergy and the soil-food web and how fungi live in the root systems of plants. This partnership developed in the very early history of life on our planet when chlorophyll plants combined with fungi that could absorb carbon and minerals. This symbiotic relationship is what enables plants (and fungi) to feed themselves and each other.

Fungi are able to bring in nutrients from beyond the end of a root and can break down organic matter from as far as twelve feet away from a plant. Fungal pipelines fuse together and form a mat that can also send nutrients to other plants that need them. This mycorrhizal network is one of the ways that plants communicate with each other, some of the softwood species of trees such as Alder, Willow, Birch, Maple and Poplar have fungi that dissolve minerals from rocks and pass them along to other plants like clover.

Water and other nutrients are passed around the plant community via this “underground economy”; plants and fungi make decisions about what to pass around and who needs it most. It’s a kind of “social Democracy” where more is sent to those that need it. Fungi mediate the distribution of nutrients so that no one plant or tree has too much, and so that others do not lack.

Phillips spoke about the importance of leaving plants undisturbed over the winter – that roots should be left in place to rot naturally, because fungi in the roots hold on to lipids all winter. He said non-disturbed ecosystems have as many as fifty species of fungi that each pull different nutrients and operate at different times of the year. They will even deliver water to distant plants during drought conditions.

In other words, cooperation and support networks are the natural state of things and we humans can learn from that. Fungus and bacteria work together to dissolve bedrock and that mineralization, combined with the pipelines of the fungal mats underground, are what make the metabolic process in plants efficient and also repels insects when the plants are well mineralized and healthy.

Nitrate fertilizers and herbicides are destroying the fungal mat upon which all plants on Earth depend. Heavy equipment used in farming, construction and logging does this too, by smashing and compressing the delicate fungal mats in the soil. Our culture is literally killing the soil that feeds it.

So what to do? If you live in an area where the soil has been sickened or killed by chemicals, go to a natural forest or wild meadow ecosystem and dig up several cups of live, healthy soil. Put that soil in water and stir it well. Then spray or spread the mixture on the sickened land. Let the microbes do the work they know best.

As Rudolph Steiner once said; “Everything in nature is interdependent. Everything”. If we as a species are to survive, we will need to become mature enough to recognize this truth. So far the fungi and bacteria are wiser than us. They are, after all, our elders on the planet.


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As Fall Equinox approaches may we all live in balance, a lofty goal in chaotic times.

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