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Congress wants to shut down but we get active as Fall sets in

The weather has been sunny, cool and crisp here in the mountain, the kind of fall weather that one thinks of for New England. The maples are turning orange and red, the gingkoes are yellow and the oaks are tinged with gold and orange. In-between are the deep green pines and yellow birches. The willows are still waving their green hair in the wind.
The dominant flower at the moment is purple aster, the goldenrods and echinacea are still about, but starting to fade.

After the summer somnolence folks are getting active, as always happens this time of year. One of the signs of this has been a renewed interest in political activity. Even as Congress shamefully threatens to shut down and refuses to do the people’s business, the rest of us are picking up steam.

Here are some actions that you too can be a part of;
There is a mini boycott going on of Lowe’s and Home Depot because they are still selling bee-killing pesticides and garden plants that are pre-sprayed with bee killing poisons. You can go to their Facebook pages and tell them what you think about that;
Home Depot

The specter of fracking has raised its ugly head in Britain and Druids have taken notice. I was privileged to do this small action back here in the USA, at noon on September 28, in a public park. I think this rolling protest can easily continue and be worked into public gatherings everywhere.

Meanwhile the campaign to stop the display of human remains at the new Stonehenge visitor’s center continues, I just got this rather pathetic press release from English Heritage regarding the display of dead people at the Stonehenge visitors center. Why they can’t make plastic replicas is beyond me.


After careful consideration English Heritage Commissioners have today endorsed the proposal to display the remains of three human burials as part of the permanent display at the new Stonehenge visitor centre. There is strong consensus that English Heritage has a public duty to communicate all the key narratives and archaeological findings to the public.

Our proposal is consistent with current museum practice across the UK. Their presentation, treatment and storage will follow strict guidelines set out by the UK government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Visitors will be made aware of the display before they enter the exhibition. Visitor research also shows that the vast majority of museum visitors are comfortable with, and often expect to see, human remains as part of displays.

Stonehenge is the focus of a ceremonial and ritual landscape shaped by prehistoric people for over 1,500 years. The exhibition puts at its centre the people associated with it and as such, the remains have a rightful place in the exhibition.

KEY FACT: The three sets of human remains on display have been in the care of scholarly institutions for at least 10 years and do not include any freshly excavated material. Two were excavated over 50 years ago and the third was uncovered during road improvement works in 2001. If English Heritage was not displaying them, they would remain in the collections of the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum and the Duckworth Collection, University of Cambridge.

Issued by English Heritage Communications
11 September 2013

You can write to EH here.

My newest herbal blog post HAG’S TAPERS FOR HALLOWEEN (an herbal monograph on how to use Mullein)
is up.

This is a victory for everyone who wrote letters, signed a petition or made a phone call. The Monsanto Protection Act is being cancelled!

Here are some places I will be speaking in the coming months;

Here is a roundup of the past Moonth’s news. Enjoy!












May everyone who reads this have a blessed Samhain/Halloween season. All blessings of the holy dark be yours!

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