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  1. Avatar France says:

    I’m really excited to have found you. I’m very interested in learning about this I was listening to your interview on the radio show I really like the idea of the druids and i definitely feel a deep contact with life and energy especially with nature. I guess i’m trying to say I’d like to embrace the druid way it’s totally for me if you could provide help and information would be very apreciated thank you

    1. Ellen Ellen says:

      To learn more about the Druid path please visit http://www.tribeoftheoak.com

  2. Avatar Morgan Alana Yates says:

    I love your books and am so grateful to find you! Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Morgan Alana

    1. Ellen Ellen says:

      Thanks so much!

  3. Avatar Juliann Fraser says:

    Thank You Ellen for all that you do. This world would not be the same without you.

    1. Ellen Ellen says:

      I couldn’t do any of this without you!

  4. Avatar Suhana says:

    If you have a emailing list, I would love to be on it, esp for events. Thanks.

      1. If you want to share your email please do – I can add you to my list.

  5. Avatar Faye says:

    I enjoyed your book “Secret Medicines from Your Garden”; had a question about the use of pine tree branches and resin in a bath. Wondering if you could give me suggestions on how to do it?
    Thanks for your hard work!

  6. Hello Faye: its very simple – just simmer the twigs, needles and green cones (if available) into a strong tea, strain and add to the bath. You will find many more details about using Pine and other conifers in the new book TREE MEDICINE TREE MAGIC. Just make sure you are using Pine and not Yew, which is poisonous!

  7. Avatar Soraya Suarez V. says:

    Dear Ellen, it has been wonderful for me to discover you, I am a guardian of the Earth, and I write to you from Cusco, Peru, I do not speak English, however I am translating your book of Medicinal Plants to understand it and learn more, I send you a hug very strong, full of sap, thanks for existing.
    Excuse me please, if I have not written well, I do not know much of English.


  8. I believe we are connected now, Soraya. So nice to meet you!

  9. Avatar Paul says:

    Good morning Ellen,
    I discovered your Facebook page and website this morning . I’ve long held that humans have an obligation to be good stewards of the planet. I’m an avid hiker, sky watcher, and urban homesteader. I first came to the realization that I was a pagan when I read an article about Gerald Gardner in the “Village Voice” many years ago. This was validated when I read Margot Adler’s “Drawing Down the Moon”. This began a quest for spiritual knowledge that has taken me down many paths. I’ve explored many spiritual paths within Buddhism, Christianity, the Transcendentalist movement, Wicca, Celtic and Norse mythology and most recently the path of the Druid. I feel a connectedness with Druidry that I would like to explore further. I’m look forward to reading your books and learning more about Druidic wisdom. Namaste.

    1. Ellen Evert Hopman Ellen Evert Hopman says:

      Sorry Paul, I just saw this comment! You wrote to me as I was leaving for Ireland. I am back now. I highly recommend that you check out Tribe of the Oak http://www.tribeoftheoak.com for Druid studies!

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