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October blog 2015 A Full Moon Eclipse brings needed change to the world

This past Moonth we experienced record heat here in New England, it was a record 96 degrees in mid-September and I found myself floating in a local pond, something New Englanders would not expect to be doing in early fall. I feel very grateful to be living in a rural area; a great blue heron flew overhead and the local kids screamed with delight and awe at the sight. No video games for them, they have the real thing in their back yard.

Secret Medicines from Your Garden

Secret Medicines from Your Garden

Late in September I went to California to visit the redwoods and the sea and to teach a class in formula making and case taking at the Philo School of Herbal Energetics, the weekend of September 26/27. This new book covers a lot of what I taught in the class. It will be out in March, 2016 but you can pre-order now.

Secret Medicines from Your Garden
Plants for Healing, Spirituality, and Magic
A guided exploration of herbal lore and healing plants found in yards, forests, meadows, and hedgerows

While there I and three others decided to go to a mountaintop to observe the Full Moon eclipse. We brought chairs and a bottle of wine and expected to have the view to ourselves. Much to our surprise when we got there, there was quite a crowd. Being Californians they turned the mystical event into a party, bottles of local wine and other smoked substances were passed around. Several folks brought telescopes and I was privileged to observe the Moon up close as the eclipse progressed. I had never looked through such a powerful scope; I could clearly see a huge crater and another big treat, I was able to see Saturn for the very first time. What a gorgeous yellow jewel of a planet Saturn is, the rings were clearly visible as golden haloes of light.

But the most amazing thing of all was the Milky Way, Caer Arianrhod, which stretched in all its glory and spangled with stars from one horizon to the other. The stars were clearer than even those I have seen in desert skies and an astronomer on the hill told me that the only time you can see it like that is during a Full Moon eclipse. That won’t be possible again for another thirty years!

Eclipses presage change and this one was exceptionally powerful. Shortly after the eclipse the speaker of the House resigned, Shell abruptly decided to cancel its plans to drill in the arctic, and China signed a ban on importation of ivory. It feels like we are entering a new and hopeful phase where many things are possible.


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