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Preparing for Solstice 2012

Winter has finally arrived up here on the mountain. Frost is sparkling on the brown leaves and desiccated greenery of the forest. I love to walk outside under the Moon and experience the crackle of frozen oak leaves and play my flashlight upon shimmering ice. Late at night when I step outside to bid goodnight to the sky and the stars I can often hear deer or moose crunching on the leaf litter around the house.

The pond down the road freezes at night but by day it still melts back enough that the resident waterfowl can take a swim.

The bird feeders are swarming with visitors; the goldfinches are now muted and beige, cardinals, chickadees, titmice, juncos, sparrows and nuthatches come by in a steady stream. Several sizes of woodpeckers frequent the suet tray.

My long haired black cat and the neighbor’s snow white cat both wait hopefully just under the feeder but in weeks not one bird has fallen prey to them.

Everyone around here is looking forward to Solstice on December 21 at about 6 AM. The world will not end on that day but there will be more focus than usual due to all the Mayan calendar end of the world hype. We are going to focus on creating a better future for the planet and all of Her creatures. I hope everyone who reads this will offer up a special prayer for the oceans, land, trees, plants, animals and people on that morning.

Below you will find the latest book, nature, health, archaeology and other news. As usual, ENJOY!


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May the Winter bring you every blessing of the dreaming dark. May peace truly descend upon all creatures.

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