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A Druid's Web Log – A Harvest of Acorns

The big news this Moonth has been ACORNS. This amazing food source is available to us for free, wherever there are oak trees. Our European ancestors relied on them for carbohydrates, thousands of years before wheat ever made an appearance. If you are lucky enough to have a...
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September blog – Enjoying the dregs of the summer

The big news here on this New England mountain is the drought. My elderberry bush is strangely lop sided this year; one half dried up and dying and the other half bending low with berries. The rowan (Mountain Ash) trees are suffering the most, with crinkled up leaves...
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Sliding into the dark – October 2012

The view from the mountain The garden and nearby fields are still giving up their summer bounty here on the mountain, even though the maples are a fiery red. For the last Moonth I have had goldenrod flowers steeping in apple cider vinegar. The vinegar builds the immune...
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