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A Druid’s Web Log – Honoring the Dead at Halloween – October 2017

As most of my readers probably know, I have been a Celtic Reconstructionist Druid for the last 30 years. We are a species of Druid that take Celtic scholarship quite seriously (if you want to learn more please visit Tribe of the Oak ) . At this time of year, as Samhain (Halloween) approaches, we concern ourselves with thoughts of the dead ancestors who sacrificed and worked hard to make it possible for us to be alive here on this Earth today.

Druids like to think in “triads” or threes, because the steadiest cauldron rests on three legs. Its an Indo-European thing (think of Brahma-Shiva-Vishnu and all the old Celtic High Gods like Brighid and the Morrigan who are triple). For us the dead come in three varieties; those of our bloodline, those of our Spirit, and those whose blood and bone make the soil upon which we stand and which provides our sustenance.

I live in supposedly intellectual, Liberal, New England. Imagine my shock when a local town is refusing to allow Native American tribal experts and elders to even examine a tract of land for possible sacred sites and burials before clear cutting to put in a massive solar array. The same town has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to preserve White monuments and historic places. It boggles the mind.

Here is what a local Native American had to say about it;

” This is against MA law for Historical Commissions, which dictates that all heritage is to be identified, inventoried and preserved without prejudice as to origin.  Clearly, that law is being obstructed by the Shutesbury Planning Board, Historical Commission and Select Board.

Shutesbury is the Birmingham, Alabama, of discrimination against Native Americans.”

So I find myself in the middle of all this, contacting the ACLU and my state representatives.

This part of Massachusetts has become a black hole as far as knowledge about paleo-Indians is concerned and here is one reason why. To add to the wierdness, when I posted my feelings on a private Yahoo list the landowner sent the local sheriff to my house with a no trespassing order. I am no longer allowed to set foot on any of their properties and they are just about the largest landowner in the state. Meanwhile the general public uses their forests for hunting, fishing, snow mobiling, skiing, and hiking. I have never even set foot on the tract in question, apparently just speaking your mind is a threat in America these days.

Memento Mori, Royalston, Massachusetts. Photo by Mike Tetrault

Memento Mori, Royalston, Massachusetts. Photo by Mike Tetrault

So now I know how accused Witches felt in this part of the colonies where women who had strong opinions found themselves locked up or worse. I also feel like a serf in old England who had the sheriff called down on her for offending the local land baron. Stay tuned as the drama unfolds.

And please pause to remember the original meaning of the Hallow ‘Een festival. It’s the time to honor those who have gone before us and to make offerings of respect to our beloved dead.


The Celtic origins of Halloween




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  1. This is great. I think Beth may have given me a Druidic totem from you. Thanks for the interesting videos and your meaningful comments about due diligence and respecting our resting ancestors!

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