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A Druid’s Web Log for June – possums, bears and spring flowers!

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It’s well and truly spring here on the mountain. At last the hawthorns are in bloom and the chorus of bird song has reached its summer pitch of frenzy as new arrivals stake out territories. A very wet looking opossum scampered by the other night, checking the Fairy altar in my garden for offerings. As everyone knows, nature spirits will often take on the guise of a familiar animal. It may have been a Fairy in disguise.

Last night my large birdfeeder was knocked down, probably by a bear. I made the mistake of putting out cracked corn for the nesting birds. The feeder has seen its last winter, I am afraid.

We are continuing to work on the Priestess of the Forest Druid film project!

We are thrilled to have a number of monthly patrons and folks are also helping with one time gifts. We are still actively looking for a producer who can help with greater support. We need to film a “short” (and also make story boards) here on the East Coast because the director, videographer, and all the camera equipment are in New York, while the main actors are in Lost Angeles.

We have also figured out a few things about the Patreon link; if it doesn’t work please try copying it and pasting it into your browser (https://www.Patreon.com/EllenEHopman). Also, mysteriously, sometimes it erases the “p” in Hopman. Check to see if it is doing that in your browser and if so just re-enter with the “p”.

Archdruid of OBOD and author Philip Carr Gomm blogged about the project recently, for which we are immensely grateful. You can see his comments here (this link seems to always work – no idea why)  It’s heartening that other bloggers have picked up on this – we need everyone’s help to make it a reality!

You can learn more about the world of the film here on Pinterest.


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