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January 2014

Druid blessings on the Secular New Year

This past year has been a bear for me. My beloved soul cat died in January, my mother passed in April, my cousin’s ex-husband and my high school boyfriend in November, and my aunt Jackie passed on the Winter Solstice. I have never had a year like this one. On Christmas Eve I actually slept for 12 hours and had a vivid dream that a man with a Kalashnikov rifle was sleeping next to me, to protect me. Let’s hope that 2014 is a kinder and mellower year.

Earlier this month I had a very nice experience at the largest hospital locally. I was invited to be part of a four person panel with a Jewish Rabbi, a Muslim, and a Catholic Priest. We talked about the season and our respective holy days. There was another Catholic Priest in the audience. I started my talk with the Bible quote; “In my Father’s house are many mansions”. I also mentioned that physicists now opine that there are
multiple universes, let alone galaxies. Then I launched into the Druidic Wheel of the Year. We were all very well received, so much so that we have already been invited to speak at another hospital. Interesting that hospitals are places of such glowing hope.

Shortly after that I was on the phone with tech support for computer issues and the person I was speaking with told me he was a Hindu, from India. As we waited for changes to load on my computer I mentioned the Solstice and he Googled it. Then I talked about Stonehenge and its Solstice orientation. He had never heard of that either so he Googled again. We kept talking and I explained that the Celtic religion is the Western fringe of the Vedic, Indo-European tradition that eventually morphed into Hinduism (he was flabbergasted that I knew how to pronounce Sanskrit words like “Atma”). Finally I urged him to read my article on these subjects. It has been a pleasant season for inter-faith work, so far.

As I type there is a flock of five very sleek looking wild turkeys eating the fallen seeds from my bird feeder. The sun is out but we are expecting a classic ‘Noreaster by tomorrow. May the new year be peaceful, happy and prosperous for us all!


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  • Upcoming workshop in PA
    Tree Medicine Tree Magic
    September 5-7 2014
    Weekend Workshop Hosted by Ellen Evert Hopman (in Pennsylvania)
    A Friday night slide show of some common North American trees illustrating their medicinal and magical properties. On Saturday morning we learn about the Irish “Tree alphabet” and then go outside to perform a traditional Druid tree meditation and learn to listen to the trees. Saturday afternoon we learn more about the “Tree Alphabet” and then gather tree medicines such as leaves, pine needles, flowers, barks, etc. Sunday we prepare medicines from the ingredients we have gathered. Each student  will leave with a hand-made set of Ogham divination cards, based on the ancient Irish Ogham “Tree Alphabet”. Please bring a notebook and pen, and wear comfortable shoes and outdoor clothes as you will be outside part of the weekend.
    Ellen will also have books with her to sell and sign if you are interested.
    $225 covers workshop, all supplies, lodging and meals.









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