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March 18 Druid Web Log – March Winds Bring Change

We are in the midst of a powerful ‘nor’easter as I type this. Years ago, this would have been a major blizzard with a foot of more of snow, now its rain with just a smattering of snow mixed in. The changes to our climate are visible everywhere. I was talking with a neighbor this week about when we first moved here and the roads were just dirt. Now our roads have asphalt, the town has walled off the local pond where everyone used to swim, and we never see the deer that used to greet us as we came home from work every night. On Full Moon nights we no longer hear coyotes howling and we haven’t seen a bear in years. I attribute most of this to the clear cutting and suburban developments cropping up all over town, as is happening in so many rural areas.

It’s been a challenging past Moonth trying to absorb the latest school massacre, knowing that it will happen again as long as US laws remain unchanged. Nevertheless, each day is longer than the one before, the sun is a bit brighter, and my blood hears the call to plant, prune and rake. Before the big storm set in I managed to uncover the flower and herb beds and plant Foxgloves and Flax. I notice that strawberries are cropping up all over the place and the Daffodils are ready to burst on the scene. There is always some reason for hope when you have a garden.

I am “retired” now which means I am working seven days a week as a writer. A new tree herbal came out in the fall of 2017 – a revised and expanded edition of TREE MEDICINE TREE MAGIC and another new book is coming out in September; THE REAL WITCHES OF NEW ENGLAND which covers the history from the Bronze Age to the present.

In May I am heading to Ireland for research and fun (the craic!). The amazing thing about being “retired” is they pay you to write and travel. What a concept!

Below you will find the usual assortment of news; archaeology, herbs, health, religion, Celts, ethics, climate and nature.

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Please enjoy the offerings!



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  • July 14-15
    Tree Divination Using the Ancient Celtic Ogham Alphabet
    with Ellen Evert Hopman
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